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About Sheffield

The South Yorkshire city of Sheffield made a name for itself as a steel manufacturer in the 19th century, and is now the only city to include part of a National Park in its boundaries.
Sheffield’s first organised sport was cricket, but the popularity of football gradually took over and by the 1860s it was home to no fewer than 15 football clubs.

Its first club, Sheffield FC, was formed in 1857 by members of a cricket team who wanted a sport to continue playing over the winter. It claims to be the world’s oldest football club, and is also noted for having been the first to write a football rulebook - the Sheffield Rules - which was merged with the slightly later London FA rules in 1878.

Sheffield is now home to three league clubs: Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United and Rotherham United. Sheffield United was the first club to use the term “United” in its name and the team is known as ‘The Blades’, a reference to Sheffield’s global reputation in steel production. They play at Bramall Lane, the oldest major stadium in the world still hosting matches, which holds 32,700 people.

The other major stadium in Sheffield is Hillsborough, home to Sheffield Wednesday FC, which seats around 39,800 people.

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